Monday, 3 April 2017

Puddles in Socks

Our day started at 6am like most days with the slow rise from bed as our parental duties start to commence. Soon the slow start catches up and we become frantically packing the family and all that goes with it into the car hoping we can get Hubby to work on time. I stop for 30 seconds to realise I haven't even given him a proper morning hello, so we finally make eye contact reminding each other what we look like and make sure we affectionately connect with our last 5 seconds while the little ones watch and giggle... then its game time once more.

I get so swept up by the frantic every time it visits, its almost like frantic blinders go on and all I can think and see is what needs to be achieved now and quickly even when the rush has passed, frantic has forgotten to leave! Those blinders fool me every time as I wonder why Miss 3 has to walk slowly up the drive, how all three of my gorgeous children seem to be hanging out with frantic and little people do not like frantic. They don't want to be rushed, they want to have fun.

Miss three (who today is an elephant) and I fuss around getting bags on hooks and lunch on shelves (this is no quick task when you talk like an elephant and walk like an elephant) with the kindy routine when I go to glimpse at what Mr two might be doing....there is a grin on his face....a puddle....gumboots by the buggy....batman socks....wet! What can I do? Well there are a lot of options with that question but I stopped, removed the blinders, took a breath and said goodbye to frantic.

The blessing of children in my life. They cause me to stop so many times and to check my view. When I stand to see the fun Mr two is having with his sock feet in the puddles, hearing Miss two giggle and laugh at her funny brother I am thankful I didn't allow frantic to rob me of such joyful special moments.

One of the lessons I am learning through my children is yes, there are times to hurry along with frantic but there are more times I need to switch of the 'to dos' and enjoy the process. Frantic fools me me into thinking that everything needs to be achieved now or else....or else what? I cant answer that question.

My days should be full of joy, laughter and peace not just with my children but in every aspect of life and people. How many moments have I missed stressing out about getting things done, how many missed opportunities have I collected from thinking I was in a hurry and how often have I stopped to kick off my shoes and jump in the puddles with my children.... in my socks!

Life for me needs to slow down, I'm not actually in a hurry as much as I think I am. Today I might take a page out of my children's book and distract myself with a puddle or crawl through the house like an elephant just because its fun!

My opinion is that we need to learn when to shut the door on frantic and welcome in the fun. I know as a mother I hang out with frantic a lot more now than I have ever done in my life before. I don't want a frantic family, I want a family that can enjoy the process together.

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