Monday, 29 February 2016

Boldness in Faith

Those who know me well, know that have been a Christian my whole life. When I was younger it was a part of me that I openly shared without much care of reaction. Nowadays I found sharing that part of me to be a difficult task. I have been asking myself why I seem to clam up and go silent at the slightest hint of sharing faith and all I can come back to is the fear that holds me tight. Sharing my faith and telling stories of what my life has been like having God in it should be an exciting, empowering and joyful experience for those who listen but unfortunately I have let so many of those opportunities slip by because the care of how people may respond or think of me has been to greater burden to even utter a tiny squeak.

I didn't want to become one of those friends seen as a 'shove the Bible down your throat, if you don't listen to me about Jesus today you'll be damned' type of person. Sometimes I hear the Christian language that comes out of my mouth and I think, if I wasn't a Christian I would think I was crazy talking. I didn't want to offend any body or upset people or end up in a heated debate where I feel like I'm arguing more than having a pleasant conversation. Id even avoid thinking about sharing what my life with God was about.

However with all this fear and worry keeping me quiet I have forgotten the power of revelation, of truth, the power of my own personal experience that cannot be argued with. I'm allowing myself to be intimidated. I know I'm not a crazy person, I know sometimes the Christian language is a bit strange but I also know that I have some amazing stories to tell that might just help a few people better yet I even know the good news about Jesus Christ and how hearing and believing this historical event can save a life for eternity.

So the solution, stop holding onto fear and step out in boldness. To trust, love and share. And if my language doesn't make any sense just ask me what I mean and we can talk it through.

I have some stories to tell, I believe they will change a life, I believe they will save a life so its time to have some boldness in faith.

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