Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Importance of You

Originally I was going to title this post 'The Importance of Mum' however, after pondering the idea around this post I have since come to realize 'The Importance of You' is much more fitting as it is not only Mothers that can struggle with this idea.

What I am getting at? Basically it is as simple as the title suggests, understanding the importance of you and prioritizing your needs for yourself in your weekly timetable. I guess the reason I originally started to tailor this post to the mother zone is because being a mother is a big part of my world now but it is not the only part.

Being a mother means that my world is full, the more children we add to our mighty team the fuller it becomes as I am not just a mother but a wife, a dance teacher, a friend, a daughter, sister, valued team member in Church ministries and most importantly I am a unique individual. Each one of these aspects and responsibilities in my life all require valuable time for them to be nourished and grow into successful jobs and relationships.

I have been thinking about funerals lately not because I am morbid but because I have a beautiful Nana who one day we will be saying our final good byes too. I was thinking about who would be at her funeral and it would most likely be her family that adore her and the lovely staff that have cared for her for so many years in the home she lives in. Unfortunately my Nana has been living with Alzheimer's disease from what I would say a young age, so the years she has had left to impact the world are not as many as we would have hoped. It causes me to think about who would be at my funeral and I would hope that with being a healthy person and the many years I have left I would be able to impact a whole world full of people. I want to live a fuller life than I already have so that I can encourage and inspire others to live the best lives they can live. I guess that is how I see funerals, not only are they a final farewell but also a snap shot into the person you are and the people you encountered not just because of how many people attend but the stories they tell.

So with that side note I come back to the importance of you, the importance of me. For me to live a full and successful life I need to prioritize myself and my needs first. Not in a selfish way but in way that I am looking after and loving myself so that I can give all that I can to those around me. Lets look at a water jug for a moment; you sit it under the tap and turn it on leaving it to full the jug to just under the brim and then you tip the water out of the jug into cups filling them up, but then the jug runs out and you have to fill it up again or leave it sitting in the sink empty.
I have tried giving that way where you feel really refreshed and ready to give, you give all that you have and then your exhausted and it takes a while to fill that giving jug back up again. In the meantime while your trying to refill you have to deal with tiredness, emotions out of control, frustration, insecurities. But now I want to try sitting under the tap and leaving it on so I don't just get full but I become overflowing, spilling out everywhere with more than enough to give to others and plenty of goodness for myself.

We all have different 'Tap' sources so to speak, I think that is the struggle, discovering what that overflowing source of goodness that keeps us going in our full lives is. For me my life source is my relationship with God, talking with him, soaking up His word and being inspired by His teaching. Not only is my relationship with God my life source but space does wonders for my soul. I am introverted at heart so having regular time each week where I have space to myself is so important to help me sustain the ability to give to those around me. Space for me is not always the same sometimes its just sitting and not thinking, sometimes its being creative and expressing myself, sometimes its reading, I like to mix it up so its not routine and boring. What it is it doesn't really matter as long as I get sometime to do something alone I am a happy woman. Lastly quality time with my husband and other special friends fills my heart with laughter and joy. I have one friend who is such a delight to my world, we do not always have the privileged to spend time weekly together as we both have full lives and families but we catch up regularly and when we do we laugh, yes we have some serious conversations as well and support one another with our journeys but mostly we have a good laugh and any problems that I am struggling to let go of are lifted from me, being reminded about how fun life should be.

Others like my husband love to have regular time with hobbies. My husband loves to play board games and he is a dedicated football fan. Football is seasonal but when he is in that season of playing every weekend, if he was the type of guy that would skip through life singing that is what he'd be doing. But because its seasonal he plays a lot of board games and has a group of friends where the meet weekly to play there complicated and very competitive games. No matter what his week has been like doing these things for him fill him with joy and excitement for life.

What I would love you to be inspired with today is that whatever you do and however your life looks its so important to prioritize you. You are important and if you cant take care of yourself and give yourself the good stuff you need then how can you effectively and consistently give to others from a healthy, joyful and loving space. Give yourself permission to think about yourself and your needs first this week. Before you start giving to everything and everyone you love or are responsible for schedule in what is important for you first and make sure you stick to it.

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