Monday, 18 August 2014

Simple Life - God never forgets.

The other day as I was busy in the bathroom I was pondering how my life was rolling since being married and having bubba. As I was enjoying my trip down memory lane and reminding myself of the many obvious blessings we had gathered along the way I started to see the hidden blessings that I remembered throwing a quick prayer Gods way, not thinking of it again until this moment here - God answered my prayers!

I'm going to share a couple. I remember when we were living in our old place I was standing in our spare room/office looking at the wall of personal encouragements and simply saying "God, one day I would really love a house with my own office." That was it, then I carried on and never thought of it again until recently when I was thinking how amazing it was we were able to buy our first home (The obvious blessing) then light bulb moment - I had an office! (Hidden blessing!) Another example was a lawn mower. We desperately needed a lawn mower but were not in a position to buy one so my husband and I said a simple prayer and left it with God. For a little while id try and keep a look out for sales but eventually I forgot all about it until I walked into our garage the other week and there was this lawn mower a friend of ours had given us which was in excellent condition. At the time he gave it to us we were very grateful but it wasn't until this revelation week I remembered this was what we asked for.

I started realising more and more of these hidden blessings that had been things or situations at the time were so important to me and then eventually I forgot all about it. I clearly would have been fine without them as a lot of them were wants rather than needs however in my absent mind, God never forgot. He heard my prayers and provided. It doesn't matter if it wasn't necessarily straight away the fact is a blessing had arrived in His perfect timing.

Be encouraged, God is a God who never forgets even though we may forget. He always hears our prayers and if it is the best thing for us then he will answer. Trust Him, have faith in Him and believe in the love He has for you.

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