Friday, 4 April 2014

Simple Life - Laughter really is the best medicine

So I've been planning all week what I was going to post today and it was not what you are about to read. How often do we waste time worrying about the little stuff (or big stuff) or taking life to seriously or even making it a little more complicated, as I have previously written about in another post, rather than spending time laughing and enjoying life? I was slightly worrying and getting flustered about what I was going to write today that I forgot that sharing on a blog is meant to be something I enjoy and have fun with. I trust that God has got my world under control so I can live to enjoy life - so today we are looking at the importance of Laughter!

What is laughter?

Laughter: a chuckle or explosive vocal sound; cause of merriment.

Need I say more? I don't know about you but I always feel so good after an explosive, roll on the ground, stitch causing moment of laughter! Laughter should be explosive and contagious fun!

As you know I am on a journey of learning how to live a little more simple and a little less complicated. Its hard work for a task focused person like me but I know if I keep working at it simple living will become a natural way of thinking and viewing the world. Spontaneity goes against my grain but when I learn to roll with it and laugh it brings a greater measure of peace, fun and relaxation into my world. It makes me a better person. So when I have opportunities like today where I throw out the planning and wing it as some might say, I embrace it! I am confident that I can still be me while living life on the edge every now and again.

Lately I have had a couple of weeks that have faced a few hard challenges. This was getting me down I started to make life complicated again, slipping back into negative thinking. Life was getting tough and I wasn't coping with the fullness of it all and the emotional struggles. But then came the timely call from a great friend and mentor who so loving listened to the stories of my world. She had a solution to help bring some balance back into my life and the best thing was that it was so simple. She reminded me that I needed space so that I could switch off, breath, process or to simple laugh and remember life isn't meant to be hard work all the time. Her suggestion for me was to schedule in one hour to do whatever I wanted that was fun and one hour hanging out with a friend who I can laugh with weekly.

I immediately started outworking this advice and I can tell you it has made a huge difference to how I cope. I'm relaxed and focused again. Its not easy to start doing it at first, I needed to unwind the up tightness that had occurred but I can tell you being a mumma and having a beautiful, happy, smiley bubba helped with that unwinding fast. I encourage you to adopt a need to laugh through your day at yourself and with others. Its good for your health, your thoughts, your marriage, other relationships it truly is good medicine for the soul!

I have a funny story of how laughing has been just what the doctor ordered in my world and how it gave my husband and I the strength to endure through the first few weeks of new parents. I'm sure if you have children you can remember what that first week of being thrown into parenting was like and its was hard! However we had a mentality that no matter what, we wanted to be joyful. I didn't want my language of our first week being parents to be negative. So we had this one night in our first week where our princess would not go to sleep. We had no idea what to do and tried everything we could think of. We got to 3am and both realised that we were most likely not going to sleep that night so my husband jumps out of bed and dashes to the kitchen. He comes back with cheese, crackers, chocolate and star trek to watch on the laptop. I'm sitting on the bed with a screaming newborn looking at the face of a proud and excited father who said "since we are both up, why not have a date!" I started laughing. Oh I am laughing now retelling this story, what a time to have a date but we ate cheese and watched Spock taking turns to rock and what could have been a draining night full of just hard memories is now something we look back on with joy and laughter. Its what keeps us going!

"She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future."
 Proverbs 31:25

I believe that beautiful women are people who know how to laugh through life. For me the scripture above defines this well. Beautiful women know how to look after themselves before caring for others. I want to be a women who brings a glow to any room and any person. When people sit with me they leave lifted and happier. I want to be a person who can turn a broken situation that is hopeless into a hopeful situation with joy while still remaining sensitive and compassionate. I can only achieve this through my relationship with God, learning to laugh with him, laugh with myself and finding those people who I can laugh with explosively.

Live life laughing, its that simple. Yes its still going to have its challenges but those moments can still be joyous! Go and discover what it is you can do to grow laughter in your day. Some tips from me, I like to surf youtube, find funny videos and then share them with my friends, look up jokes online, do some spontaneous shopping, regularly get my hair done with a hairdresser who loves to laugh. I also like to try out new ways to exercise in the privacy of my own home! Whatever it is make sure it is fun and do it with others.

Prayer: Father, thank you for laughter, for joy and for your desire for us to live an abundant life. Help me to learn how to laugh explosively daily and show me who I can laugh with. Amen

A parting gift! This is today's funny video

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