Friday, 18 April 2014

Simple Life - Remembering Christ

Easter weekend! What a fun and exciting weekend to have with family. New traditions to make with your children. Extra days off work for more adventures with those you love the most. It is a weekend to look forward to.

Now I'm still young and learning new things all the time and would be the first to admit I don't know everything about everything and can even get things wrong. I look back to a few years ago and cringe at the way I saw life, the things I said about situations thinking I had all the answers when really, I should have kept my mouth shut a few times. But that was then and I have matured a little more and I am sure in a few more years time from now I will look back again and maybe have another couple of cringe moments.

I say this because as I sit in my bed after a lovely day with my husband and daughter I reflect on how I would like to continue this weekend knowing that it's a part of the year we set aside to remember what Christ has done for us. Because I'm on the "living life a little more simple" journey I'm choosing to look at this weekend with those lenses on. Where I am in my life right now this is what I believe and am completely open to it changing as life develops.

For me, this weekend is simply to set time aside to remember, be thankful and to share. I don't believe that I need to be sad even though meditating on what Christ went through for me does bring more than a tear to my eye. However it's not just about what he physically went through, it's remembering why he did it. 

So that we could live.

Gods heart for us has always been, and always will be, that we would have the best because he loves us.

Simple right.

I have decided that this weekend is to be filled with joy, love, laughter and hope for something greater because Jesus died, he gave his life willingly, he took a step of faith that I would believe in him simply because he loves me. Always has and always will. Wow! This makes my heart sing with praise!

Make sure you have your moment this weekend to sit and remember how much you are loved, be thankful that you can live the best life possible and share what Jesus has done for us.

If your reading this and your heart is jumping wanting to know more I encourage you to be bold and ask your questions. Allow Christ to be revealed to you. He sacrificed his life so you could live free of sin, hurt, brokenness, sickness and when you believe with your heart just how much he loves you, you will receive freedom, peace and joy that is everlasting. Go and find an Easter service that's on this weekend and be overwhelmed by his amazing grace.

I leave you with this simple prayer that if you prayer and truly mean it you are what we say are saved. Better yet you'll find out what living the good life really is!

Jesus, thank you so much for giving your life so that I may live in an everlasting place of freedom. I open my heart and willingly ask you to come into my life. Help me to understand your love for me. Forgive me for the wrong things that I have done and walk with me in this life guiding my every step. Amen.

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