Friday, 14 March 2014

The Simple Life

Over the holiday season I spent most of my time adjusting to becoming a new mum. Learning how to look after my little person but most importantly coming to terms with the dramatic change within my own mind. Now I say most importantly not because I don’t think looking after my little gem isn't important, of course it is! However my mental and emotional state impacts my family every day without me even trying, so yes, most importantly the dramatic change within myself.

The biggest change over this time for me was realising how simple my life actually is (or should be!) the insecurities I was carrying, the pride, the self-importance, position of leadership, frustration of not walking in my dream, the worry of what people think, what I should and shouldn't be doing…that’s a whole lot of extra baggage I certainly don’t need to be carrying while walking into a new season of motherhood.

A lot of the time I found myself over thinking and complicating how I lived life. Second guessing myself and how I related to other people, decisions I would make, where I should be leading, how should I schedule my devotions, was I good enough….. I could go on and on about the ridiculous thoughts and worries I walked with everyday hoping I would please God and not make too big of a mistake somewhere along the path. Thankfully I was halted in my tracks and learnt that living life was meant to be a whole lot simpler. It’s not about what or how I should be doing things but about who I am and who I live for. I am the daughter of the most high, fearfully and wonderfully made to be in a relationship with God. He didn't create me to be a work horse, to spend my life striving to do what I think he wants me to do but to simply love him, to love me, my husband and my beautiful little girl, the family he has given me and I could keep on going. But, I say it again Life is to love him! After all he did create us in the image of relationship (Gen 1:26 - 27). 

Living from a place of simply loving God every day, growing this wonderful relationship I get to have with him will cause the finer details of life to flow from there in his timing. Jesus is a great example of this, he walked his ministry well but it was always from a place of relationship with His Father.
Once I got an understanding of this it was so freeing! To know that I simply live to love God and nothing else matters.

Before I left my job to have my precious wee girl I came across a quote from a woman I admire very much that reminds me to stop, breath and live the simple life:

“What I can do, I do with God’s help. What I cannot do I turn over to him so he can work. This leaves me free to enjoy my life!” – Joyce Meyer

For me this means coming to the altar every day for every situation, saying a simple prayer of laying things down at the altar and asking God for his help. When I start worrying or feeling anxious about something or I don’t have any answers I give it to God and then I leave it there. Time and time again I have found that he has sorted it his way. In the meantime I have been able to clean my house with praise, give my full attention to my princess, walk to playgroups praying along the way, laugh with my husband and live in abundant freedom enjoying my life! The solution was so simple! 

Having my beautiful bubba threw me unexpectedly into a place where my perceptions in life were challenged, refined and transformed. You don’t need to go and have a baby to do that you can simply get before our loving Father and ask “Lord challenge my perceptions, refine them, transform them, I surrender to you and will choose to walk in obedience.”

I don’t know about you but if my God has created me to love him, live a joy filled life abundantly in his presence, I want to walk every day of my life in that Grace, Freedom and love. I want the simple yet powerful life. I want to be extraordinary in the ordinary day.

So… I have begun my journey of discovering the simple life!

“Father I thank you so much for creating me to have a relationship with you. I need to live a simple life that’s not complicated and weighed down by my own weaknesses. I need you to help lift the worries and concerns off my shoulders so I can walk in freedom loving every minute. I surrender my life to you and ask that you would help me every single day to live care free and joy filled knowing that you will take care of the rest. Amen”

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