Wednesday, 22 February 2012

When God Speaks

I was sharing with our Young Adult female connect group last night and had a very simple thought but very important:

When God speaks to us about who we are, what he has purposed us to do everyday, how he sees us...he tells the truth!

When we read a verse and it sticks out to us and for a moment think, 'that was written just for me so that I may read it and know this is what my Father in Heaven thinks of me', its the truth!

God doesnt lie to us, he doesnt joke about who we are and how he loves us, he takes it seriously because we are important to him, we are precious to him and he knows how vulnerable we are. His word is the truth.

So next time that little voice of doubt creeps up into the back of your mind saying "No, you could never be that person" or "God wrote that about someone else" or "I'm not worth that.." get up and speak out loudly "God's word is Truth! He tells the Truth! And I believe the Truth!" For you are worth his Son! You are worth his forgiveness! You are precious, handcrafted, spoken with love, valued and uniquely purposed on this earth for a greater destination than what we realise.

Get hold of your truth, carry it in your heart and fight for those who need to hear God's speech as well.

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